About four years ago, on a chilly October 11th, I put up a post about some of the changes I was witnessing in the independent music scene. I was feeling optimistic about things and thought it would be nice to share some of that energy. Part of the hypeness I felt was due to the music I was listening to, some of my favorite MCs styling nicely over hard ass beats. It was also partially due to the ease of which I was able to access that music, and that’s why I went off about how it seemed like the scene would only get better, and fo’ sheezy it has. But what I don’t think I ever really shared with anyone was what led me to seek out music that day. It was my contemplation of September 11th.

I have some strong, complex associations with that event. No need to share the details of that now, but I just wanted it to be noted that on that cool fall day that I remember so clearly, I really appreciated the power of music. The way it was able to lift me. Not just to bop my head though. During those moments, I felt safer. I felt understood. Yes, the music had altered my mood but it also altered my perspective.

This experience is one of the reasons why I wanted to have the audiocast reoccur on the eleventh of each month. It’s out of respect, remembrance and as a reach for overcoming. This reach for empowerment, for enlightenment, although sometimes undermined, is what keeps me striving to better myself and those I care for. And the power of music, whether in celebration, in war, in contemplation or any other aspect of my life, has always been a part of that struggle.

Thank you Chris and Ming. Thanks for keeping the audiocast going these past few months.

These are the tracks I posted 4 years ago:

De La Soul – Rock Co. Kane Flow featuring Doom
Handsomeboy Modeling School – The World’s Gone Mad featuring Del
Typical Cats – Justice Coming
TOCA – Joyful Misery
Sage Francis – Slow Down Ghandi
Saul Williams – Black Stacey
Shyheim – New Producers