Made this mix to remind us of our field recording, interview and misc audio projects of the past, present, and future

Arthur Russel – Barefoot in NY
Rylan Leslie – 30 phone calls
LL Cool J / Self Destruction verse
Mighty Thor – If I Ruled the hood
Angel Bat Dawid, Cher Jey, and Gira Dahe talk about music and archiving
Angel Bat Dawid – Black Family
Lisaan’dro – I Wish I was a square
God Fahim – Get Rich Give back
Why Company Flow Broke Up – El-P / Talib Kweli
David Banner Podcast – Shea butter
Critical Beatdown kid
Knowledge The Pirate – Science Born
Billy Woods – Western Education Is Forbidden
Deric ‘D-Dot’ Angelettie / Breakfast Club
Jimmy Spicer – This Is It
Jazzy Joyce / FlipDaScript
Camron / FlipDaScript
Immortal Technique – fathers/grandfathers
Scott La Rock Jr / Doggie Diamonds
Chris Rivers / Doggie Diamonds
Red / Doggie Diamonds


I’m not much for all these annual best of mixes, either because my musical tastes are still stuck way back in the past or i’m just slow as f*ck when it comes to listening to new ish. Either way, here’s a collection of tracks that’s been on repeat lately. Like it, hate it and/or ignore it.


Again I didn’t have it in me to put a mix together. But at this point I’m not sharing music like I used to. If you scroll through my decade’s stream, you’ll get a sense for what I gravitate towards. I’m biased to early rap and east coast stylings, both in production and lyrical composition. But I also enjoy experimental styles. There certainly was some music I came across in 2019 that sparked some feelings. But nothing I feel compelled to write home about. I will say that I feel content to observe waves of music nationally that represent a solid rap aesthetic. Such as recent projects coming from sets out of Buffalo/Rochester/T-Dot. There is also a strong contingent of artists and listeners that display an informed opinion on these matters that warms my heart. Shout out to educated hip-hop fans worldwide. The industry-first, music-second participants can still get a chin-check but I’m not hating as hard on the hustle. I will certainly continue to hate on people that contribute to the obfuscation of these issues though. Thank goodness for contemporary rap and love & respect for the memories of the fallen. RIP Geebee, Popa Wu, Phase 2, Jimmy Spicer, Paten Locke, Ras G, Bushwick Bill, Exotic E, Nipsey Hussle, Jon Nagel.

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