As mentioned previously, this is a collection of audio taken from cassettes, cds and vinyl featuring work recorded by Jise during his time with The Arsonists and his embrace of his alter ego, Lt. Worf. Back cover with tracklisting after the jump.

Download: Jise One – Lt. Worf Chronicles

Well people….In order to move forward, we sometimes
have to put things of the past to rest. Wipe the slate clean.Start fresh….new beginnings await. During my run with my crew, The Arsonists, i embraced an alter ego that insisted on being referred to as Lt.Worf. I recorded tons of joints under a combination of influences ranging from Green, Henny and most of all???? my fellow ego Worf. I’ve grown since then and ALOT of things have changed as well. I’m making music today and hopefully every day after. “The Lt.Worf Chronicles” is something that i wanted to do in order to pay homage to where i’ve been on this journey. It is’nt pretty, flashy or clean. Cassettes, Cds, vinyl and files that i thought were lost get their last chance to make it to the ears of those supporters out there(As well as some of my favorite joints). Enjoy…Click on the image and Download for free…YES! I SAID FOR FREE! Thanks for the support….and stay tuned for big things happening w/ an actual album that im working on right now.
Jise (The Arsonists)

Jise (The Arsonists) – These Walls ft. Jeni / audio

back cover with tracklisting: