From the Lt. Worf Chronicles, a collection of audio taken from cassettes, cds and vinyl featuring work recorded by Jise during his time with The Arsonists and his embrace of his alter ego, Lt. Worf. A limited release available as of March 2008.

Jise (The Arsonists) – These Walls ft. Jeni

Mommy gave birth to a soldier man, who roamed the earth with right answers, wrong questions.

with exposure to misfortunes and camoflauge blessings, with portions of my love being chipped away at.

I’ve been mining(minding)my heart too much, tug away, chug away! you should see, confrontations? a must!

Too many comfort zones, im too snug. I look in the mirror, i see a mugshot, im suspect to myself.

Many dream on the shelves, a few yard sales in hell.Im
rock bottom, i could only go up. Right?

I ducked down, i seen a shot of success aiming, waiting for the world to start changing? I felt stuck.

fear crept up and tapped me on the shoulder and whispered terrible nothings.Thats when i learned to run, jump and skip bail. Cross my tail between my legs and you know? pretty much, bitch up.

I’ve held the world in my hands, where nothing seemed real. I’ve been a shell of a man, learned how to not feel.

conceal, unveil anger, the mind wandered, pondered the unknown, ive squandered the kings thrown and never aknowledged a home.

wherever i lay my hat? I’ve been a clone, ive been a war drone.PE(Public Enemy)im in the terror dome, with my words and my nutsacks! personalities two tone.

With nothing to show, i tried to phone god, he was’nt home, so i left him alone, feels like im never getting grown.

Ive been dead wrong for too long, This is the last song i’ll ever get on before im gone like “POOF”.