Brand new music from a variety of artists we respect. Special thank you to everyone that sent in material. Please go out and support your favorite artists and they will support you. Participation is critical. Thank goodness for contemporary rap.

Download GRANDGOOD Audiocast Volume 28 (Side A) by G

The Prayer – Performed by Ox
Introlude – Ghostface Killah
Slow Down – Ghostface Killah
My World Is Empty Without You – Prodigy
Southside – 50 Cent + Tony Yayo + Lloyd Banks
Anatomy of an Ass Whippin – Kwest the Madd Lad
Hip Hop Heaven – One Be Lo
Listen Baby – Johnson & Jonson
Weak Spot – Wu-Tang Clan
Joy Riden – Bash Bros.
Keep On Lovin Me – Isaiah feat Murs
The Only Way – Johnson & Jonson
Getting Away – Living Proof feat. Myka 9
Positively Inclined – Wax Tailor (Berry Weight Remix)
Mahavishnu Collins – Thavius Beck
Sunlight – Wu-Tang Clan (RZA)
Nobody’s Smiling (Part 2) – Dj Signify + Blockhead
Happy Slapping – Bomarr
Compton’s n the House (Live) – N.W.A. (Dre and MC Ren)

Download GRANDGOOD Audiocast Volume 28 (Side B) by Chris V

Volume 10 – Zeke
Elphomega – Postdata
Black panther feat. MF Grimm – Nothing Personal
Ghostface Killah feat Raekwon + U God – Rec Room Therapy
Sharlock Poems – Made 4 Me
Grand Analog – Weekend Love
Matt Gamin – Mellow Dramatik Produced by: Tape Mastah Steph
PNS – Skate Videos
Percee P – The Hand That Leads You (madlib remix)
Krohme feat. Hell Razah – Cold Summers
Wise Intelligent – Israelite
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – Something’s Changed

Download GRANDGOOD Audiocast Volume 28 (Side C) by Ming-Tzu

Wu-Tang Clan – Campfire
Wise Intelligent – Niggaz Iz
Lord Zen & Deeskee + 2Mex + LifeRexall + Brother J + Sach – Metronome Click
Wildcard + Qwel – Poison Oak
Dopestyle + Pro The Leader + Opio – We Put It Down
Tragedy Khadafi – Ryder Muzik
Dday One – Memento Mori
Abstract Rude + Aceyalone – What Time Is It
Wu-Tang Clan – Stick Me For My Riches
Show & A.G. – Business As Usual (Cuts By DJ Premier)
Murs – Untitled
Wildcard + Dead Poet – Self Portrait
Flyphonic + Merit Hemmingson – Introduction