Unreleased A-Butta song that he had posted on his mysp*ce a while back. I recently asked him for some quick background information about the song (We also threw this on audiocast 36) and about upcoming music. Look out for a new 2Face song titled Belly of the Beast and hopefully an official A-Butta solo album sometime in 2010. Also, here’s an in-depth interview with A by Unkut from almost four years ago. Link, Peace to Swigga

Abduction of the Aliens written by Anthony Cruz produced by Bearfakts

So this alien jumpoff was recorded on my birthday back in 10/10 of 2007 – i think? it may have been 2006 — either way i’m still surprised that people hit me up about this record. My man Bearfakts had played me the beat and I wrote the song like in 1 or 2 days and jumped in to record it. It’s essentially inspired from all the conspiracy books I read (in particular David Icke). i was just trying to make a fun record but still talk about some next level – 4th dimensional material — I believe there are higher life forms out there and I just feel that as an artist it’s my responsibilty to create some awareness — i’m not really trying to say believe this or that – it’s more like just i’m just throwing some ideas out in the atmosphere and see what happens… but besides that i’ve always been fascinated with Extraterrestrials, UFO’s – Time Travel etc… so why not incorporate it into my music — word..