Mostly new music from a variety of artists we respect. Special thank you to everyone that sent in material. Please go out and support your favorite artists and they will support you. Participation is critical. Thank goodness for contemporary rap. Shout out to Dextah.

Audiocast Vol. 36

Vordul – Stay Concious
40 Winks – Rap About That
Tape Master Steph – Just Like A Pimp / Makaveli interview
cold 187um/Above the Law – fresh out
United School District – effbee wrappers
Binkis Recs (Feat. Flux, Spice, Jax, Werd Da A.O.S. & Prez) – Peligro (Danger)
Cyne – Money Parade
Freddie Foxxx – Man destroys man
Immortal Technique – mistakes
Jax of Binkis – Dolla Bill Yall
Jax (Jax Forever King) – Emcee Starvonian feat. Flux Da Wonderbot
Lil Dap feat Guru – Son 4 Reason
Young Re – SSS Intergalatic remix
A-butta of Natural Elements – Abduction of the Aliens
DJ Hollywood – rhyme written by Grandmaster Caz / Chuck D – On The Real radio show