Peace to Bambu for taking the time out. His new album …Exact Change… is available now.

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Bambu feat. Geologic – Quit (Prod. by Illmind)

Bambu – Like Us

Bambu – Crooks and Rooks

Someone you look up to, dead or alive?
Malcolm x

Someone you look down on

Other than music, what’s worth living for?
My son and his mom

You fasted all day, what are you dieing to eat?
King’s hawaiin bread

You’re at a party, what’s your drink?
concordia bbq sauce

Name a song you can’t stand.
“Proud To Be An American” by some hillbilly — and not for the reason you may think. when I was in the military, they would use this song as background music for whatever stupid activity they had us do in bootcamp. fuck this song!

You’re going to be deaf by morning, what do you ask to listen to?
Miles Davis – Blue in green

Life after death?

How do you hope to be remembered?
As someone who tried his best to make it better

How do you hope you are not remembered?
As someone who had a voice and wasted it

Free verse, anything else on your mind?
Organize the people and protect the family

Bonus audio
Bambu – Truth Serum (From the album I Scream Bars For Kids) {one day, jb…}

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