Peace to Yeti Beats for taking the time out. Look out for a new Kool Keith album produced by Yeti Beats and a compilation album featuring Aceyalone, Sizzla, Jr Reid, Bushwick Bill, and others.

Yeti Beats – Photo Session Featuring Kool Keith

Someone you look up to, dead or alive?
I always felt like i could have been the offspring of Andre the Giant and Mr T!

Someone you look down on
science… you can’t prove everything guy!

Other than music, what’s worth living for?
multiple personality disorders. Ok, himalayan kush too.

You fasted all day, what are you dieing to eat?
a lost himalayan backpacker or wandering sherpa.

You’re at a party, what’s your drink?
kitty water! its a secret mix. yeti special.

Name a song you can’t stand.
Anything sung by the loch ness monster, bigfoot, the chupacabra, aliens,Barney the talking dinosaur, sesame street, or singing cats… or any of those types of major label a&r manufactured fakers!

You’re going to be deaf by morning, what do you ask to listen to?
hoooooowooooooo ooot ooot ooot! the song of lady yeti! On a 45!!!

Life after death?
without physical evidence you can’t prove that i ever existed.

How do you hope to be remembered?
a paranormal cryptozoological phenomenon…

How do you hope you are not remembered?
clearly defined and categorized into kingdom, phylum, class, family, order, genus, and species.

Free verse, anything else on your mind?
question the unknown… listen to your inner yeti. anything is possible!