What is GRNDGD about?

GRANDGOOD was established in 2003 as an independent label. Our first release was a record featuring the captain of the legendary Cold Crush Brothers, Grandmaster Caz, with production from turntablist and producer Dj Signify. In 2004 we started grandgood.com as a site to keep track of inspiring music and industry developments. In the many years since, the music industry crashed and then rediscovered itself while we mostly sat by the sidelines listening to unpolished rap. We did do a monthly podcast for a few years that featured new independent music. We also conducted a few interviews (RIP Sean Price) and missed a lot of parties, although we appreciated the invites.

Nah but what’s GRNDGD really about?

What’s the difference between Hip-Hop and Rap?

Ya momz

I’m on the strength, how do I get my work to you?

Send a message to people@grandgood.com or @grandgood

What is GRANDGOOD’s stance on bootlegging?

Fake coach bags tend to fall apart sooner than the real thing. But convenience tends to trump quality.


We have mixed feelings.

Wait, what?

In the early days of the internets digital bootlegging was a significant issue and we wrestled with sharing music and leaks. Nowadays it’s less of an issue, but that’s because the internets won. For now.

You pressed up music on vinyl?



Cause it felt good

Will you press up vinyl again?


How come you didn’t write about that record we sent you?

Not enough time probably, but maybe we weren’t feeling it. Good lookin’ though!


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