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Ayyy, fuck these lists tho. This ain’t that. Consider this a friendly reminder that there is a lot of music out there that you can check for. Some of it you’ll like, and some of it you won’t. That’s on you. Hip-hop ain’t for everyone. Independent hip-hop even more-so. More instrumentals like this & this in 2019 please. RIP Lovebug Starski, Craig Mack, Chyskillz, Matt Dike, Dj Devastate, Alias, Chuck Freeze, Sixo, XXXTentacion, Nalm Myerz, Dj Ready Red, Mac Miller, Jeff Foss.

2018 singles playlist (y/t)
2018 music videos playlist (y/t)
2018 instrumentals playlist (s/c)
2018 mixes playlist (s/c)
2018 singles playlist (s/c)

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Some of the music that I enjoyed this year, usually off a tape. Health & prosperity in 2019 >

Monk Mandino – Frog
Tha God Fahim – ?
Johnny Utah – Really Meant
El Michels Affair – Zaharila
Rast lamborghini surfboard
Roc Marciano Saks Fifth
Cities Aviv – Dry County/Trolling
Stack Bundles/Chinx Drugz – King Vision Ultra revision
Kanye Amistad TMZ freestyle
Luka – Part2
Bambu – Blikka bam
Lissandro/TCOR – Long Time No See
Rich Blackman fka King Eljen – Level Up
Master Don & The Death Committee Live in 83

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I could never quite fathom those “best of 20xx” type lists. How can people recollect in December what was poppin’ off in January? Sh*t, I can’t even remember what happened last week, much less recall that one dope track that was on repeat several seasons ago. But whatever, here are some random tracks I’ve been bumpin’ “lately,” as in the last two days when the mix was actually put together.