For The Record is just me getting stuff off my chest with little to no explanation. Apologies all around. Sorry. Really, I’m sorry. This post was brought to you by How Angel Haze is re-defining the modern popstar, a great article if being great meant reaching for meaning in meaningless work and missing the greater context of precision and talent in artistry and instead focusing on image and portrayal. Via our good old friends at The Daily Swarm that consistently find headlines worth reposting, whether or not their is actual substance of content. Be mindful though, Angel Haze is interesting if for no other reason than ’cause she referred to MC Lyte and Queen Latifah as the Flinstone era, her alleged girlfriend is pretty and she speaks some kind of Native American language. Nah, but really, she is sort of actively rejecting her sexuality in her music although she comes off as extremely aware of it’s effect and she does sound like she is trying hard to improve her breath control. Maybe she’ll get better. Maybe.

  1. Fosterakahunter (Reply) on Nov 14, 2012

    Added to the growing list of meh-ass new female “rappers”.

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