Will Smith has recently launched a series of social media channels and instead of the typical dry sarcasm or feigned social justice offensives he (and his production team, assuming he has one) has managed to develop a series of entertaining videos that offer a mix of daily life and personal insight that register as balanced and goodness forbid, earnest. At face value this is not groundbreaking, but when consumed at the buffet of youthful derision that is abundant online and rarely challenged for its often obvious and juvenile purpose of shielding emotional vulnerabilities, it is refreshing. You get the sense that the Fresh Prince is searching for answers and for meaning (capital M meaning) in his life as he traverses the daily routines and experiences available to a man in his position and he takes you along for the ride. And unlike many who are in a similar position, he doesn’t show off his wealth and accomplishments, he shares them. Thanks Uncle Will. Yea you an Uncle now.