Funny little story for you. First time I visited the Rotten Apple last year, I was invited by my boy Chaze from GRIM Team to go and pay rap legend Lord Finesse a visit at his crib in the Bronx. Chaze had just done a record for Will Vill that the Funkyman had also contributed a beat for, and was going to drop him off a copy of the 12”. At some point in the afternoon, Finesse mentions that some white kid from outta state had made a name for himself using by using his ‘Hip 2 Da Game’ beat in a video that blew the fuck up on YouTube. So he throws the ‘Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza’ (scroll through the gallery to watch) clip on, and I proceed to clown this Teen Wolf lookin’ chump’s rudimentary rapping abilities and his shirtless buddy. Turns out that no one asked permission to use the beat, but now that it had gotten so big, Miller’s people had apparently promised to buy some production from Finesse for Mac’s forthcoming album as a gesture of ‘good will’.
Based on the fact that Lord Finesse just sued them for 10 (Extra) Large, that clearly never happened. Turns out that these crabs actually thought he should be grateful for having his shit stolen: “When I reached out to these people, their attitude was I should be grateful Mac was using my music to sell out concerts because it keeps me relevant”. Fuckouttahere. You really think the Finesse is gonna stand for this nonsense after that whole Fatboy Slim fuckery?

Lord Finesse Is Not A Hypocrite

…and in case you never saw footage of this separate incident from a while back: Mac Miller Confronted Over Stolen Beat

  1. tak4prez (Reply) on Jul 19, 2012

    i get why finesse is salty about the fatboy slim sample, but mac miller using his instrumental is entirely different from a legal perspective a) because “kool aid & frozen pizza” doesn’t use a sample of his voice, and b) because mac’s song appeared on a free mixtape.

    it’s just ironic that this argument of “keeping finesse relevant” is exactly how hip hop producers have been justifying sampling for years. i don’t have the awakening booklet to refer to, but according to mac and (, finesse didn’t clear the sample for “hip 2 da game.” oscar peterson isn’t cited as the source material. are these instances so different?