Bigg Jus - M T M C F

You knew he was prepping Machines That Make Civilization Fun, now here is your first listen.

Bigg Jus – Advanced Lightbody Activation*

Kingspitter’s a hot mess, Symphony of slow death, Dance of the Marionettes. Seemingly fueled with the sentiment of a foreboding time traveler, ignore his revelations at the risk of your own detriment. Your physical is the truest science. Our bodies are the machines of change. Our minds are the prime assets in the revolution.

Or maybe I’m just buggin. I’ve been listening to a few joints from the album for a few weeks now and I’ve nearly quit my job and moved my fam back to Bolivia. Do you want to be woken? Turn your face to the Sun. Light synthesizer melanated technology.

Vdo being freed soon. Peace to Justoleum. *The track I had up wasn’t even mixed down yall, had to go.

  1. robzmob (Reply) on Mar 14, 2012

    I’ve been FIENDIN for some new Jus!!! There are very few artists that can satisfy that special craving for that kinda RAW!! New joint is BANGIN!!! Makes me wanna hop in my spaceship and fly around destroying all the mediocre plagueing this poor earth. But that plague does have a cure. . .and that cure is bumpin the F*** outta this new album. Unfortinately for the masses they probably won’t hear it. . .Thankfully a select set of TRUE MFers know the score and are ready for war!! Get this album out as quick as you can!!! We are restless!!! -Peace!