…For our third release, we have taken the original versions of “Hustle On The Side” and “Verbal Stampede” and their respective remixes and remastered them for this limited edition vinyl release. Also featured on this EP are the unreleased tracks, “Not Goin’ Pop” and “Can’t Fuck With My Crew”, all remastered from the original tapes.

This release is also notable for featuring (a reissue) of the first Hi-Tek production on vinyl. Mood tapped him for the remix of Hustle On The Side before formally introducing the world to him and his rhyming partner, Talib Kweli, on their masterful debut, Doom.

This release is limited to 250, hand-numbered copies, on three different colors. This round we have 85 green/black, 85 orange/black and 80 plain black. You can choose whichever color you prefer as supplies last. As well, we’re happy to announce that every single pre-order will be signed by Donte from Mood.