Free album from 2Ugli For Hollywood, who I barely know except for his work with LoDeck. You’ll recognize a lot of the features here like Jise (Arsonists) and 2mex. Some fun joints including ’93 Mentality which they apparently shot a video for back in ’08. Home Away From Home also has visuals from late last year. If you were wondering, the collabos here seem a bit more organic versus the now common verse-for-cash.

2Ugli – Poor Quality

1. 93′ Mentality
2. Gross Feat. Species of The Society of Invisibles
3. Our City ft. Banish
4. Cali Culture Chiefing Feat. Charlie Schits of Apes in English
5. An Old Man…Feat. Josh The Janitor
6. If I said Feat. Mahtie Bush, Floe Montana
8. Cold Sores Feat. The Society of Invisibles, Lodeck, Infadel
9. Dark Surge Feat. Gabe Rocha
10. Interlude 1
11. Home Away From Home
12. Cold Hearted Feat. Lord Lhus, Indrid Cold of The Society of Invisibles
13. Interlude 2
14. Strickly Bizniz Feat. Solomon Childs
15. The Exorcist Feat. Psych Ward
16. TwentyfourSeven Feat. Jise of The Arsonists
17. The Snippet Feat. King Syze of Army of The Pharoahs
18. Hard Knoxx Feat. Mr. Shadow
19. Do or Die Feat. Cawzlos
20. Sleeping Giants Feat. Indrid Cold of The Society of Invisibles
21. Interlude 3
22. Splatter Fest Feat. Sunn Sunn of The Society of Invisibles
23. The Struggle Feat. IDE, Critical, Cawzlos, Mahtie Bush
24. Socal Bound Feat. 2MEX
25. New Testament
26. Wise Minds Feat. J Loco
27. I remember Feat. Tone Malone
28. Raised to Rebel (fuck em)
29. Silent Missions
30. Feed me