Second Line Jump: New Orleans Rap and Brass Band Music — Compiled and Mixed by Matt Miller

Rebirth & Warren Mayes, “Let It Hang” (1994)
Big Heavy, “Gangsta Walk II” (1996)
MC J’ Ro J’, “Let’s Jump” (1988)
Rebirth & Soulja Slim, “You Don’t Want to Go to War” (2001)
Da’ Sha Ra’, “Bootin’ Up” (1993)
Ricky B, “Ya’ll Holla” (1994)
2 Blakk, “Second Line Jump” (1995)
Rebirth & Cheeky Blakk, “Pop that Pussy” (2001)
Bally Boyz, “Send It” (Raw) (1995)
Big Heavy & New Birth Brass Band, “Leave that Shit Alone” (1996)
Joe Blakk & Rebirth, “Caught in the Crossfire” (???)
Big Heavy, “Gangsta Walk” (1992)
Ricky B., Mannie Boo & the Mac Band “Let’s Go Gitt’em” (1996)
Rebirth, “You Make Me Nasty” (1995)
39 Posse, “Got What It Takes to Make It” (Remix) (1993)
Gregory D. & Mannie Fresh, “Buck Jump Time (Project Rapp)” (1989)
Lil’ E, “Get Buck” (1995)

Matt Miller is the co-director of the documentary film Ya Heard Me? and completed his Ph.D. dissertation, “Bounce: Rap Music and Local Identity in New Orleans, 1985-2005,” in August of 2009 at Emory University’s Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts. He currently lives in Atlanta.

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