tha connection

Another joint from Tha Connection. This time from an upcoming release titled Love Royale scheduled to drop late May on Feeliln’ Music. Tracklist and producers after the jump.

Tha Connection – Let’s Go

Bonus: Dum Dum Dum

2009’s highly anticipated Feelin’Music Indie label(Blu, Kissey Asplund, J- Sands, Moka Only etc) release from Tha Connection entitled “Love Royale” drops late May. With pure nostalgic soul sounding vibes as sharp as blade winds, Tha Connection has recruited production from Chief (Moka Only, Les Nubians, Kenn Starr, Blu etc), Max I Million (Craig G, Prolifical), DJ Kryptonite (Shabaam Saahdeeq, Jak Progresso, Creative Juices) etc. Fresh off their 08′ releases on Goon Trax Japan entitled “Moon Water” and their Domination Recordings release “Trapeze”, Tha Connection is setting a new standard with this new release “Love Royale”. Be on the lookout, the countdown for the “Love Royale” release begins!

Tha Connection – Love Royale Tracklist

1. Royale Prod. Baker
2. Let’s Go Prod. K Gilla
3. Nights Prod. DJ Phantom
4. Flow Prod. Mac
5. Let It Be Prod. Chief
6. Dum Dum Dum Prod. Sci Fi
7. Walkin’ Lotus Prod. Moksha
8. Get Live Prod. K Gilla
9. Fool In Love Prod. DJ Kryptonite
10. 3 For 3 Feat. Wildelux Prod. Moksha
11. So Prod. Vans Cal
12. Take It Higher (Revamped Version) Prod. Vans Cal
13. Pollution (Supreme Dust Mix) Prod. Pheend
14. Bullshit Talks Prod. K Gilla
15. Fly Crow Prod. Joakim L
16. Take Over Prod. Edac
17. Raw Skills (Remix) Prod. AGQ
18. Supa (Remix) Prod. Max I Million
19. Royale (Remix) Prod. Baker