I’m still trying to get my head around all this but, if there weren’t any videos or pictures, just a cd with tracks and titles or maybe some inexplicable cover art, would it be that bad? Maybe even Bustah Rhymes would still allow Jungle Brothers drops in his music (peace to ?uest). What say you? Shooting what at first glance appear to be poorly edited home videos in Roswell New Mexico can not disguise the content of his music, although it sure as heck throws people off. It seems no matter how far out Bam would want to go, his roots are still grounded in the same dirt they were in 20 years ago. Albeit it with more (or less, depending on who you ask) perspective. Oh yeah, and more blatant sex talk which might confuse people into thinking he was writing from the perspective of a confused adolescent, which isn’t too far fetched considering he writes from the perspective of white rock stars.


White Ninja

Go Brooklyn

Night Shift

Poppin Off