Two tracks from The Misled Children Meet Odean Pope album.

It is rumored that this album has a guest appearance by Clutchy Hopkins. We are not quite sure if this is true or if Clutchy Hopkins even exists. All we know is that this record was created either by a group of Jazz musicians or by just one man.

The perfect union of hip hop and jazz! With Misled Children’s live instrumentation approach to hip hop and the maturity of Odean Pope’s amazing horn playing and horn arrangements, “The Misled Children meet Odean Pope” will be one of the most memorable recordings of 2008. Filled with funky rhythms, tight beats and a solid horn foundation, those in the hip hop and jazz community will find equal fondness for this recording.

The Misled Children, Odean Pope – Four Track (mp3)

The Misled Children, Odean Pope – Foregone (mp3)