Sage Francis has created a mini-site and recorded this new song in order to bring attention to his friend Jared’s arrest at the 2008 RNC. Visit to learn more about what went down. via ugsmag

Sage Francis – Conspiracy to Riot (Prod. by Reanimator)

On Sept 1, 2008 I received a voicemail from Sean Daley (aka Slug of Atmosphere) informing me that my longtime friend, Jared Paul, was sitting in a Minnesota jail cell. This was the first day of the National Republican Convention, a 5 day event that Jared was covering for a Providence publication. I thought to myself “Well…that was quick.” And then the dark, disturbing feeling washed over me. Jared Paul is currently in a legal battle with the St. Paul, MN court system, along with hundreds of others who face trumped up charges thanks to the overzealous riot police at the Republican National Convention.