(photo courtesy of Bob Saint Clair)

Happy to hear her long awaited, much anticipated, solo project is getting ready to drop. She doesn’t mention much detail about the album but it seems she’s gearing up for a release. As VDB pointed out a few days ago, her mysp*ce and imeem pages have been updated with some new songs. On a side note, we were contacted by the D-Boyz a few weeks ago regarding a side project she worked on with them. We’ll be throwing that up later. Peace to MVRemix.

edit: Re-reading that quote, I think it might be wishful thinking that made me interpret it as being mostly produced by Rza. More likely she meant mostly produced by all three. Ah well, what can I say? I can self-delude a little bit can’t I?

“MVRemix: Tell me about your new album.

Tekitha: This album is a true representation of my personality and life. A bit philosophical, a little heartbreak. I’m a woman who loves a good party so I had to have a club banger in there and a whole lot of soul. The production is mostly from RZA, Stevie J. and a new hot producer, DUB the Director.”