Jack Erwin sits down to interview Sacha Jenkins and David Villorente, editors of the recently published Piecebook. For a minute there I felt as though Complex Magazine wasn’t trying to subversively sell me something. For a minute. Link

Complex: Where did the idea for “Piecebook” come about?

Sacha Jenkins: Being a part of the culture and being a writer when I was young, these books were always a big part of communication. We wanted to come with something that hadn’t been done and it was just a very simple and obvious idea.

Complex: How long did it take to come together?

Dave Villorente: We probably started working on the book last fall. It was really kind of a crash course. As a former graffiti artist I was friendly with a majority of the guys in the book already. We just kind of sent the word out and specifically targeted some of the guys we knew would be important to this project. And from there it was just trips to the Bronx, Richmond Hill, Queens, the last stop of the F Train to Jamaica, just going to places I hadn’t been in years to collect material.