Courtesy of Self Scientific

Self Scientific – Heavy ft. The New Royales

So…we decided to stop being the dinosaurs that we are and just release some music. People that know us know, we are always recording but the process of carving those songs into an album becomes….time consuming. Plus, we still believe on coming up with a concept and working the songs around that concept to from a complete album. People have praised Kanye, and Lupe for sicking to their themes and I urge you to examine or body of work the same way. Anyway, here is one of personal favorites from songs that we recorded in early 2007 for Come In Peace, Prepare For War. Khalil was recording heavy with The New Royales and we collaborated on a couple songs that weren’t intended for any specific project. Somehow I managed to convince Khalil to let us keep this one….”don’t it feel like we live in the 60’s again…”

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