Self Scientific and Sick Jacken come together as the Black & Brown Project.

Black & Brown Project – Together As One (Niggaz & Mexicans)

Fuck It!!!! THe homies might be mad at me for this one ,but everytime Im on a plane, or playing new joints for some of fellow artist friends, I play this joint in the iTouch. About a year ago we started this project and did about 6-7 songs before jack got busy with the Muggs album. SInce then we have gotten deeper into our album and Jack is doing spot dates for The mask and The Assassin, but please believe the Self Scientific X Sick Symphonies – The Black & Brown Project – is coming…(probably next year) but , it’s definitely gonna happen. Too necessary, we have a serious problem with the Black & Brown violence in this City (L.A.). too many dope songs, here it is a lil treat for you real fans

Courtesy of Self Scientific, by way of Soul Assassins.