If I was Alchemist’s manager, I’d push him to consider taking up writing seriously. I guess The Whooliganz was after Dope Poet Society? Link

First of all, off top you can see the MC Serch resemblance. Yo I even think we got the 3rd Bass fanclub adress off their album once and sent a pic of Jubin, in hopes that they’d recognize and maybe use him in a video as a young Serch. That was his nickname. Serch.

He was of Persian descent. This was around the time when rocking X hats and African medallions was in, and it really wasn’t that fresh to be a white rapper.

I remember he had some rhyme where he proclaimed, “im Asiatic, from Iran”.

We were all fuckups for the most part. 6th grade, just starting to smoke weed, doing grafitti,bad grades, just being idiots.

But not Jubin.

He was like the smartest kid in the whole school. And when we decided to do the group thing, to most of us it was just another fun thing to do, just clowning, trying to get girls attention. We’d probably get bored eventually and move on to something else like kids always do.

But Jub took it serious.

Ill never forget we all slept over at Jub’s crib one night, and I remember seeing this chart on his wall, like a calender that was written in his father’s handwritting.

It was like an ultimadum!

It had one date marked on the calendar that said on it something like ” if you don’t complete this music project by this day, you must move on”

I couldn’t even comprehend it. Dude we were in 6th grade. He was the man.

When i think back, the way Jubin was, and the way his parents were on top of him about relentlessly achieving whatever his goals were, it stuck with me. Cause that’s how I am now with myself.

Needless to say, The Dope Poet Society had a short run, and over the years Jub went his own way, as we got older and kept fucking up more, I guess he and his parents realized we we’re not the right group of kids for him. I still see my brother, Kai and Ecto to this day, but I haven’t seen or heard from Jubin in at least 20 years.

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