Alchemist takes you through his recent trip to Marcy, NY to visit Prodigy in prison. His writing is succint and descriptive. Good shit. He also drops How The Thugs Play, an unreleased track that hardcore fans are probably already familiar with. Link (via Nah Right)

Of course Pee has been reading and writing. Not just writing rhymes either. Books, movies, etc. His health is good, and as you can see in the flick, the god had gained some pounds.

I let him know that his internet presence is still heavy thru the blogs and …….

Oh yea, for those that were confused or in thug dreamland, no there is no computer room in prison, and no, you cannot go online in jail.

He did let me know that he does read all the mail that comes to him from fans, and every so often he writes back. So if you got love for Pee write him.

DIN #08A1481 10-2
PO BOX 2500
MARCY, NY 13403

As far as him coming home, it’s looking like Pee will do just another year. Its hard to believe, but he’s already been in for six months. He probably wouldn’t say the same, but it seems like it’s moving fast.

I gave him some time with the wifey and ate some Doritos off to the side for a while, just bugging on the whole predicament of the human cage that they got my friend and many other peoples friends in. Shit is wack. But I must say, its not affecting him. Pee is pushing thru his bid like a G.

We stayed until they kicked us out, around 3 pm. I asked him where he was at in the writing of his autobiography, he said he was almost done. The last thing i told him when i left was, “don’t finish it, save some room for when u come home! The story ain’t over!”

Here’s a little unreleased old Alc/Prodigy treat. Its only right. FREE P

Alchemist + Prodigy – How The Thugs Play