Available this October on Old Maid Entertainment/F**k PETA Ent. In homage to the St. Ides Hip-Hop commercials we all remember so fondly yet have trouble embracing fully. Funny motherlovers. You can stream a few cuts on their mysp*ce and it seems like there will be fresh J-Zone beats. Nice.


J-Zone presents…

Old Maid Entertainment/F**k P.E.T.A Ent.
Release Date: October 2008

In June 2007 Producer/DJ/Former rapper J-Zone gave birth to the Gator$-n-Fur$ monthly mix show/pod cast. After retiring his MC jersey for good in 2006, many fans saw the show as filling the void he left in the wake of his career shift. A theme-based mix show (with a new concept every month) with Zone cutting up forgotten hits of yesteryear of all genres and his outlandish sense of humor brought the show a cult following. But even amongst all of that, it seemed the star of Gator$-n-Fur$ was Zone’s co-host Chief Chinchilla, a helium voiced, crude, tasteless, hilarious, off key-singing 4 foot rodent that rides a bike around Queens and Long Island so he can hang out in front of White Castle and mack women or attend to his day job at a rainbow sprinkle factory. More funny and outlandish than J-Zone ever was in his rap tenure, people began to wonder…who is this dude? Is it his cousin? J-Zone with his voice altered? Or an actual Chinchilla? The mystery is half of the appeal.

Needless to say, banter began amongst fans of the show about the artistic future of Chief Chinchilla. Even some industry big wigs were inquiring about him, but they were scared off when Chief walked into a Universal office for a meeting and threw an onion ring at a receptionist for refusing to accept his request for a date. What would happen if Chief Chinchilla made a record? Chances are it would sound like a twisted version of his favorite pieces of music, St. Ides Malt Liquor Commercials. Controversial and funky, these minute long jingles were brought to infamy in the early 1990’s by Ice Cube, King T, DJ E Swift and others. J-Zone doesn’t drink, but Chief Chinchilla does, so they agreed Zone would handle the production, Chief would handle the vocals. The album is now done and being mixed…and its is a ride in drunkenness, debauchery, old school rap, Christmas music, doo-wop, funk, disco and pure comedy…with a subtle message beneath it all.

“We’re having fun and paying homage to the artists that made the commercials because they were classic, but we’re also mocking the ridiculousness of malt liquor advertising and how its marketed to the inner city”, said J-Zone.

The October 2008 installment of Gator$-n-Fur$ will come in the form of this album. Available on itunes and limited slim line CD release on their own Old Maid Entertainment/F**k PETA Ent. label, its something any J-Zone or Gator$-n-Fur$ fan must have to make their collection complete. It’s the only time the show isn’t being put up for free download, so support these dudes come October (it’ll be cheap too)!!

If that’s not enough, they brought some of their peers and some rap legends along for the drunken ride and instrumentals will be included (details on featured artists and final track list coming in the September update).

Whether you drink or not, come a long for the ride and meet these 2 knuckleheads in front of the Liqua Sto when you have time!

2 songs from the album (“Can I Get A Sip??” and “The Piss Test”) are up in the myspace audio player now.

$TAY TUNED!!!!!!