According to Sole (aka Blazefest), these are drunken freestyles by republican gangster christian rappers. This is a dated recording and not to be taken seriously. Except in the sense that the sarcasm and humour presented here does derive from a specific perspective on culture during a specific period of time. Good looks Scribe.

The Babylonianz – Da Boom Baptizm


i dont think we finished a whole album. although i really cant remember. i remember not being all that impressed with it. its all inside jokes… republican gangster christian rappers on some early 90s shit… i mean…

no i dont mind if people upload it here, i’d like a download of it too! i dont want people to title it as “sole” in their file sharing folders though, id have for that music to be propagated in such a manner.


and most importantly, im blazefest. he’s whitefolks.

to those who are confused by this project….

this project was born out of many drunken freestyle sessions back in teh day. pedestrian and i would just get drunk and freestyle over old live poets beats i had on adat. it was really fun. we’d come up with a theme of a song,drink and smoke as much as we could, and record freestyles till they sound like songs. this is all freestyle.