meks party mixx

100% Organic Funkyness. Much respect to Dj Mekalek.

DJ Mekalek – Meks Party Mixx

Ingredients: All beats, scratches, drum programming, re-edits, mixdowns and other nerdery by Dj Mekalek. All Records used for this project were original vinyl pressings. All beats were made on the Ensoniq ASR-10.

Be warned, this is NOT your run-of-the-mill mixtape; this monster took me over 2 years to make. I created all the beats using records i’ve collected over that time, various keyboards, plus my ASR-10. I then carefully assembled everything so that it flows non-stop, adding scratches and more melodies as spice. Some of you may know me for my BPM comfort-zone of the typical hip-hop type, but on this project i bust out of that slow sh*t and slamm the tempo meters waaaaay up. If you’re in a somber mood and want to reflect on life, this is not for you, but if you’re gettin ready to go out or just psyched to be alive, bang that Mek’s Party Mixx.