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The Renaissance mixes soul beats, piano, guitars, and Q-Tip’s usual thought-provoking lyricism, which takes you on a trip from relationships and summer songs to social issues of late, and has a kind of ‘90’s feel to it. On “Fight/Love”, Raphael Saadiq joins Q in making vivid the scenario of a young woman in a troubled relationship with a young man in Iraq, singing “We fight and love so much/ sometimes I get confused with who we are.” “ManWomanBoogie” finds Amanda Diva’s soulful chorus atop funky drums and bass, all in the effective service of lyrics illustrating the differences between men and women and how the sexes need each other to survive. Another artist that the game has been missing is the troubled neo-soul crooner D’Angelo, who Q-Tip re-introduces to the music world on “Believe”. “Life is Better” featuring Nora Jones is a highlight on the album with Jones blending perfectly with brash beats. Additional inspiration is found on the intro, “Shaka”, which features an inspiring Barak Obama soundbite. In a sentence, Q-Tip’s long-awaited release looks to get people to thinking, loving, and dancing, as usual. Nicole Brinson