Watch: Hierocast Episode XI: Opio & Architect

Del The Funky Homosapien, founding member of legendary collective The Hieroglyphics, introduces Souls of Mischief’s Opio with much praise as host of the latest episode of Hiero Imperium’s exclusive podcast, the Hierocast. Opio’s entrance is a fierce one: freestyling for almost a minute, Opio gives listeners an earful of the rhymes they thirst for. Joining him is Architect, producer of Opio’s second solo album, Vulture’s Wisdom, Volume One. Opio starts by giving us the meaning behind the title of the album, as well as his and Architect’s approach to recording it. They explain, “We sat back from afar and we just peeped the whole game. Everywhere we looked, everybody was just like. ‘Man it’s dead, there’s nothing here, it’s useless now.’ Where other people saw nothing, we swooped in with the vulture’s wisdom. We can eat right here.”

Throughout the 11th edition, the Hierocast gives fans a chance to see the motivation behind creating the new album. Opio and Architect comment on how they produced the album, “Whatever ideas we had, we had to put them down. Thoughts were coming out and they were getting recorded.” This is why Opio and Architect put down enough material to fill three whole albums. Look for the second and third volumes soon.

Opio – Original Lyricist / audio
Did 15,000,000 People, Give Or Take A Million, Just Get Put On To Opio (Souls Of Mischief)?
Opio – Don Julio / video
Opio – Some Superfly Sh!t
Opio – Stop The Press
Opio – Stop The Press
Opio – Original Lyricist