Another new song/video from the upcoming album Vulture’s Wisdom Vol. 1 by Opio. via Audible Treats, Thanks Michelle.

Some Super Fly Shit

In celebration of Opio’s highly anticipated sophomore album Vulture’s Wisdom Vol. 1, Opio is busting out of the gates with some tasty tidbits for his hungry fans. The first single and video from his album is “Some Superfly Sh!t,” a playful track that announces Opio’s comeback. In a nod to Opio’s love for short punk rock songs, the track comes in at under two minutes. Backed by a “band” whose members are all played by album producer The Architect, Opio rhymes over a funky bass line, keys, and turntable scratches. Video director Justin Herman imagines what Opio’s “Some Superfly Sh!t” would look like as a comic book. Juxtaposing Opio over comic book images and brightly colored graphics, Opio’s words literally come alive.