one year & a day

Nice mix of tracks from Equinox Records’ compilation album, One Year & A Day. Oh, and that Ceschi and Dj Scientist album looks like it will be released this year, 7inch coming real soon. Nice.

DJ Scientist “One Year & A Day – The Promo Mix”

(01) DJ Scientist – Didn’t We (Skit)
(02) Vangel – A Different Direction (Push The Button-Live Edit)
(03) 2econd Class Citizen – Wishing Well (Re-Wyred Remix)
(04) Free The Robots – Times Like This (Re-Edit)
(05) 2econd Class Citizen – Sunrise (Re-Edit)
(06) Arcsin – Scarlet Fever
(07) Aqua Luminus III. – Uplock The Poprock (Released on the 5inch Series) (Re-Edit)
(08) Aqua Luminus III. – Tibetisches Gutenachtlied
(09) Deadpan Darling – Laugh Track