New music from a variety of artists we respect. Special thank you to everyone that sent in material. Please go out and support your favorite artists and they will support you. Participation is critical. Thank goodness for contemporary rap. Shout out to G and Ming holding it down elsewhere this month.

Audiocast No. 34
Mix by CV

Omid – Politikin
Harlem Boog – Miles Davis (Prod. by Geng-Grizzly)
Ridd of CVE – Got Away (Prod. by Gnu Sense)
Matt Gamin – Up For Nomination (Produced by t.v.)
Roughneck Jihad – Salem Witch Trial
Bored Stiff – I Remember
Andre Nickatina – Drug Love
Ceschi Ramos – Disease
Dj Ian Head w/Gabriel Teodros – Sippin Coffee
Toomer feat. Sick Jacken, 2Mex, B-Real – Death or Retirement (Prod. by Deeskee) [demo version]
GrimeySuspect – Beat from a beat tape
Kay of the Foundation & Soulbrotha – Go Left
The Fucking Mutants – Video Show snippet/interlude
Daytona + Dj Doo Wop – Bronx Tour
Trife – (This is Trife)
Immortal Technique – Reverse Pimpology
Gila & Luka – Lonely Dub