Cosign Interviews Count Bass D


Ill. So with this work with STS9 and a live instrumentation EP, it seems that you’re experiencing a shift from production to live music.

Yeah, I started out doing live music for my first album “Pre-Life Crisis“, but at that point I didn’t really know how to sample myself and do the type of things that I did later on. Back then, I would just start a click track with the TR-808 in my headphones and play drums first, play bass second, and play my keyboards third. Thats pretty much how I did that whole first album. Well, I did parts of my second album the same way but when it came time to do a couple of 12″s like “Violatin” and “On The Reels“, I really started letting people know how much I grew up on hip-hop. It wasn’t until “Dwight Spitz” when people were able to see my whole range of hip-hop in it’s proper perspective. I think that has put the rest of my releases in perspective ever since.

Count Bass D – Can We Hang Out Tonight