Carlos Nino and Lil Sci - Whats The Science - Elevation

Peace God.
Ayo Peace.
What’s the science?

That’s what Lil Sci and Carlos Nino are about on their new record set for release May 20th via Shaman Work Recordings. As soon as I heard J. Robinson’s first verse I knew I wanted to include this track on this month’s audiocast. Unlike so many mcs in the recent past, he doesn’t ask for a “return to the real”, he talks about it like it’s already happening. I can’t help but get that feeling a lot recently. Like there’s some kind of reawakening. The mood of the beat is so damn confident and appropriately contemplative. Good shit. Visit What’s The Science?

[audio:Carlos Nino_LilSci_LoveHugsAndHipHopSoul_96kbps.mp3]
What’s The Science? (Carlos Nino + Lil Sci) – Love, Hugs and Hip-Hop Soul

What’s the Science? Is the question we direct to all those that dwell on the Planet Earth! From the Mother Continent of Africa, to the hills of Europe, on over to the wilderness of North America, all the way back to the Coast of Asia, living under the umbrella of Hip-Hop Culture. We ask you all, What’s the Science? We are living in a time where Hip-Hop Culture is one of the most powerful forces that exists around us that helps unite people of all races, colors, creeds, religions and schools of thought under one flag. It’s time to give proper thanks and praise and reverence to the ERA that raised us and guided this same movement, that still exists today, on the next level. We stand here before you as Students of the same conscious movement that birthed the likes of AFRIKA BAMBATAA, KRS ONE, RAKIM, PUBLIC ENEMY, BRAND NUBIAN, X-CLAN, POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS, KMD, THE NATIVE TONGUE and countless others that brought forth an entire essence that took the world by storm and made it cool to be intelligent. What’s the Science? How long will it take us to stand up strong again to make sure that the youth have some substance to feed off in order to grow into powerful, resourceful and responsible adults able to make positive changes to the world in which we live. What’s The Science?