Munky King Podcast

In preparation for his limited run 7inch being released by Munky King, here’s a mix of instrumentals by Joey Beats. Link

The following is a mix of random stuff, all instrumental and all produced by me. Some are more worthy of the former description whereas others are just beats I made for myself with working titles. They are old, new, middle aged. Regardless, this is what I listen to every day on my main system while AM radio mixes in on another.

Joey Beats – Munky King Podcast

The tracklisting and corresponding time slots are as follows:

(00:00) Lonely Town
(03:09) Sing My Song Remix
(04:31) Intro
(06:33) Greater Than Gawd
(08:07) 01 Shit
(11:38) Sleep Or Bust
(14:13) Bullshit
(15:13) Brothers
(17:03) Michelle
(19:07) Friday Afternoon
(21:04) Doomsday
(24:27) Mad Hot Ballroom
(27:47) Vanish
(31:40) Wake Up!
(33:41) Beauty
(35:39) Can’t Call It
(37:34) Forgiveness
(39:44) Prunes
(42:11) Going To California
(44:38) ADIEU