Dj Solo

This is some funny shit. Dj Solo puts the pop star-wannabe Shannon Eileen and Grammy winning producer/engineer (he mixed down the Fugees album) Warren Riker on blast. He produced the original beat to their almost-hit and is not happy with the limited props. “But what they don’t know is, no one fucks with DJ SOLO… DJ SOLO does the fucking!!!” Link

Dj Solo – Trigger Finger Instrumental

Here’s the deal. About 3 years ago I made a beat for an aspiring songstress named Shannon Eileen. She told me that she wanted a “James Bond girl” type sound but more on the hip-hop tip, so I made her this beat, later to be named “Trigger Finger”. I did the whole beat and even the melodies that she would eventually sing, but I didn’t have a proper studio to record in. She suggested I give the broken down tracks to her friend and Grammy winning producer, Warren Riker, who engineered everything from RUN-DMC’s worst album Crown Royal, to Sublime “compilation” after Brad was dead, to gay-ass Korn and racist-ass Lauren Hill. He then took my song, added a couple keyboard parts and then said he produced it and I got 1 writers credit that I share with Shannon because she wrote words to the melody I wrote. Apparently outside of the hip-hop world, “Producer” means adjusting a few levels after someone else does all the work. 3 years later, she has a video for the song and it’s on MTV’s The Real World and The Hills (which are 2 of the worst shows on the planet and are the basically the reason why the rest of the world hates us). That’s how the music business works, kids and because I was new, I got fucked. But what they don’t know is, no one fucks with DJ SOLO… DJ SOLO does the fucking!!!

So here you go MCs!!! A free ORIGINAL DJ SOLO beat for you to make a song from and the best one will get used on a future DJ SOLO mixtape. I put a new hook on the song which is a sample of Redman saying “When I pull my trigga finga, all y’all n-ggaz hit the deck!” So if you’re an MC, make it hard, this is revenge track! It can be in any language, from any country, but if you make a song, hit me up on my myspace with a link to download it. I will feature the top ones on the Soul Assassins blog as well.

Isn’t this copyright infringement you ask?? NO! Because they don’t own the samples in the song, so Shannon Eileen and Warren Riker are the ones breaking the law by selling this song that uses copyrighted samples. How do I know this? Because I have the records at home due to the fact that I produced the song. All 3 of the horn parts are from famous movies… can you guess which ones, Warren?