Achozen (Rza, Beretta 9, Shavo, Rev. William Burke) – Deuces*


First single from Achozen. Trying to wrap the release around the push of as a social network is weak. But here’s the track anyway. (*got rid of the bloated flash player)

Achozen (Rza, Beretta 9, Shavo, Rev. William Burke) – Deuces

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2 thoughts on “Achozen (Rza, Beretta 9, Shavo, Rev. William Burke) – Deuces*

  1. G Post author

    the simplest answer is that registering anywhere sucks. it’s a nuisance. not cause it’s ursession, just cause it’s another site that wants you to “join” in order to participate. myspace is weak to, it just happened to benefit from lack of competition. and now it benefits from its scale. i have nothing against ursession in particular. but besides being a myspace clone what is innovative about the platform? and the fact that shavo owns it and is obviously using his rep to build it, i would say it’s a risky move. his fans want to listen to his music, not support his social platform endeavors. unless maybe it brought something innovative to the game. but does it? oh, and i appreciate the single. but look around, free music is not value added. free music is everywhere.


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