Exile put up the instrumental to Pearly Gates over on Okayplayer. He says the one that’s currently in circulation is just a loop someone else did. Link (via)

update: he also threw up an unreleased Blu and Exile instrumental for Greater Love

Thanks for the love….Yes its true, I got an album droppin called Radio Exile, where the drums ,basslines, guitars, horns, etc. is all from LA Radio waves…Its also conceptualized around the radio and I really tried to represent whats going on in the world with this record, as well as whats going on with Exile..Its just me bein a kid and havin fun in my room doin what i do best…I use radio frequencies in key with the beat, i use the radio as percussion with the tuner dial, I even figured out how to scratch with a boombox…HA ha…I will post some of it on here soon so stay tuned. But in the mean time here is the real instrumental to pearly gates (MOBB DEEP). The beat actually got fucked up before it got mastered and the final version had one part off beat so I always wanted to put this out there. There is a instrumental version out there but that was just someone who looped the open parts, it aint the real one….

So big ups to all who support!!!