The 3rd World mixtape/album with all original tracks was confirmed by Immortal Technique recently on Dj Green Lantern’s radio show (anyone have audio?). He also published a press release of sorts that you might want to read. Parole may or may not be a track from the project that leaked back in September.

Read The 3rd World & My $4 Hat

The Rumors are true, there will be a new Immortal Technique CD coming out at the end of this Spring. And I am going on a short tour to promote it before I go back and finish the next CD. I have partnered with Green Lantern to bring you the new project entitled

“The 3rd World”

It is an album/mixtape of all original tracks. Political but something very brutal and street orientated like I mentioned in earlier interviews.

I was told that for every page you write in a journal you lose readers, and while I don’t expect you all to sit here for 20 minutes in your busy day to read this entry… It costs less than a stamp to print this up and read in the bathroom or on a break to spread the word.