The digital ep will feature NYOIL ripping 9 previously released 9th Wonder beats. It will be available exclusively on a handful of partnering websites including The first single, Conspiracy Theory, is slated for a Feb 6th debut and will be accompanied by a video. Full press release after the jump including NYOIL’s comments addressing the rumored 9th Wonder/Buckshot conflict.

NYOIL to release “9 Wonders (the Digital EP)”

Hip Hop Artist and Activist NYOIL is set to release a new Digital EP titled “9 Wonders (NYOIL verses 9th Wonder)” February 20th 2008.

The release will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD at partnering websites and Blogs for the duration of the release. “I’m constantly trying to develop new strategies to market music and developing significant business partnerships with new media. This is a wonderful opportunity to recognize Blogger as the future of Hip Hop press. A good blog is usually written by someone that would do it, has done it because they have a legitimate love for the culture.” Said NYOIL.

The project titled with the tagline (NYOIL verses 9th Wonder) contradicts rumored reports that the project was a diss to the group Little Brother and or the Grammy award winning Producer 9th Wonder. It is in fact a compilation of 9 songs to 9 previously released 9th Wonder Beats. Unlike mix CD’s where the artist generally does his version of a pre-released song, NYOIL opted to give each track new life. “I felt like if I redid the songs it would be disrespectful to the people that originally rocked to them. Fact is I just treated each beat as if it had never been rhymed to. I wanted to show my mastery of this style of hip hop, my ability to still build solid ideas, a conscious message, and show the timeless quality of 9th Wonders production” This project has a decidedly mellower feel to his previous release “HoodTREASON the warm up album” but the lyrical content is no less poignant and honest.

This project dropping around the same time Boot Camp is set to release a 9th Wonder/ Buckshot project begs the question: Was this planned to block their efforts? “Quite the contrary, Buckshot is my dude! Straight like that. If anything it’s just more on the plate for 9th Wonder Fans. Buckshot is a solid MC from a great lineage of MC’s there is absolutely NOTHING I could do to eclipse an artist of that magnitude. If anything we are working in tandem to flood the market with good music.”

The first release will be a hauntingly somber track titled “Conspiracy Theory” with a patented NYOIL style video to accompany it Feb. 6th and will debut on the websites hosting the free download. The Digital EP features the talents of Dan Wallace (from De La Soul’s album Grind Date song “Shopping Bags”) and a duet with his daughter “Big NAY” possibly the first Father/Daughter collab in the history of Hip Hop.

Partnering Blogs/Websites include:

9 Wonders (NYOIL verses 9th Wonder) the digital EP
online free download coming soon