You can stream the entire remix project RRRRAP by Ruckazoid thanks to Listen Compute Rock. Features all original beats and scratches by the renowned turntablist / producer. Only one hundred of these were pressed originally on vinyl. According to the same source there might be a rerelease coming soon, including instrumentals. Nice. Link

A1 Who Shot Hip Hop?
A2 Jungle Brothers – One For The Zulu
A3 Ghostface Killah – Art Of Love Letters
A4 Rakim – The R’s
A5 Kool G Rap – Bring The Terrorin
A6 Lords Of The Underground – 94
A7 The Golden Era
A8 The Rough Neck Featuring – Jihad
A9 A Nice Beat To Flow To
A10 OutKast – Bra Straps
B1 Quasimoto – Big Booty Stance
B2 Soul Train Line
B3 Special Ed – Special Education
B4 O.C. – Oh See
B5 Mos Def – A Brighter Sunshine
B6 Edan – The Recap
B7 2Pac – The Ghetto Soundtrack
B8 Epitome Of Fresh Featuring – La’Quanda