GRANDGOOD friend Ceschi leaked a mix of two demo cuts from his upcoming album, Feast of Failure. Still pushing the limits of boom bap and rap. (via Asita Recordings)

Download “Reading Brecht” And “Feast” by Ceschi (Rough Demo Mix)

Reading Brecht lyrics are:

we all wanted castles when we were kids
we wanted tigers
we wanted nonsense
and on and on and on….
we used to believe that the world was round…
we looked up to vice presidents and clowns…
but now we’ve grown up and we know the truth
that love is TV and Jesus is booze
now we’ve grown up and licked each other
like rabid robots reading Brecht in church.

and on, and on, and on…..

Feast is a beat by Davey Dreadnot, the choral mtron samples added by myself…and vocals by me…

lyrics are:

let’s have our fucking feast
fill our mouths up with a bigger piece of bloody meat
a disgusting treat
funny to me that we’re never truly full even though every time we sit down
we’re just shoving treats
in our chubby cheeks
coming up with more ridiculous visions of cunning schemes
all around the running streams we seem to be deleting
depleting all of the energy we’re needing
what a funny dream
when the frogs have four eyes
fish can’t reproduce
when the faux finish covering our faces is finally fading into the lagoons
when our pockets are covered in skin of genetically mutated animal twins
and our bodies are nothing but metal
while franken-vegetables are delectable
I suppose it’s ok as long as food keeps on flowing into my fat face
but give it a matter of time and there’s gonna be somebody eating our minds…
a population of zombies that never quite dies…
just give it a matter of time and there’s gonna be somebody telling you what a population of fucking idiots you are.