Foul Mouth Cringe

This is going to be dope. Upcoming project by DJ Ruthless and Roughneck Jihad.

stream No Hope For Tomorrow by Foul Mouth Cringe

Foul Mouth Cringe is the culmination of ideas by veteran bay area 408 natives DJ Ruthless and Roughneck Jihad. All the beats and scratches are composed by DJ Ruthless and the extreme display of lyrical MC skills by Roughneck Jihad of the legendary “Third Sight”. The one exception to the scratch composition is DJ D-styles (deemed by some as the greatest scratcher on the planet) who will make a guest appearance on one of the tracks that will also be on the first single “My Face Should Be Place On A Sphinx”

The album was made by two friends having a good time and it should be evident in the music that came out. It was only a few months in the making which shows the amount of apparent chemistry between Roughneck Jihad and DJ Ruthless. Each song attempts to take the listener in a different direction and mood, while listening to the album as a whole is a ride in itself.