Saul Williams Presents: The Inevitable Rise And Liberation of Niggy Tardust

Here’s the deal, Saul Williams’ upcoming record, produced by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, will be available for download on November 1st. Like other progressive artists trying to figure this online sh*t out, he will be making the album available for free in 192kbps or, according to your level of thankfulness, you can show your support for the artists by paying $5 for a higher bit-rate. Both versions come with pdf’s of the artwork. Either way, you should submit your email to get the download link sent when it becomes available. Link (via)

You will first be asked to enter your e-mail address. This is where you will receive the download link when the album becomes available on November 1.

If you choose to pay for the record, your download will be available in the following formats:

* 192Kbps MP3
* 320Kbps MP3
* FLAC lossless audio

If you choose not to pay for the record, you will receive it in 192Kbps MP3 format.

All versions include a PDF with artwork and lyrics

All files are 100% DRM free, and can be played on any device. MP3s are encoded with LAME v3.97 and love.