Dj Ian Head - mixtape (071607)

Yeah, I know, I know. Hundreds upon hundreds of classic 90s mixtapes floating around the interweb. Sh*t, we’re even responsible for some. But do you see us posting up all of them? Nah. I’m putting this up ’cause it’s exceptionally well constructed and only available for a limited time. This kid got skillz. Dj Ian Head is also the producer behind that Dollabin EP we mentioned last year. Link

Download classic 90s underground pt.1 by Dj Ian Head

update: Here’s the tracklist

1. mr. supreme, Mad Fanatic and RagChyld “Official Members” (seattle)
2. rhymefest and juice, “how we chill pt. 2″ (chicago)
3. k-otix “7 emcees” (texas)
4. the bums “can do” (bay)
5. DITC “day one” (nyc)
6. iced down medallions instrumental (nyc)
7. ugly duckling “fresh mode” (LA)
8. natural resource “bum deal” (nyc)
9. “simplify” (nyc) – i forget hte artist name, spinna produced it and is singin on the chorus!
10. kweli “the manifesto” (nyc)
11. spinna instrumental
12. arsonists blend with “hands on experience” accapella