Sick Symphonies Presents DJ FM Street Mixes Vol.1

DJ FM discusses the concept behind the recent Street Mixes projects. Also goes into what is was like breaking into the scene. Link – Now you guys have a huge underground following in L.A. no doubt, but why do you think you guys have had a hard time breaking through in other parts of the country?

DJ FM Of Psycho Realm – There are several stereotypes. For one, we are Hispanic and two we are from the West Coast. So people expect something from either one of those two perspectives and we’re doing neither one. We are but we are not doing it so obviously. I think our music is universal. I think if you understand the streets, you will understand us. I don’t care if its Baghdad or downtown L.A., once people learn that they start to think “okay I can relate to this,” but before that if they’re just looking at the album cover or they are judging it because they heard we are Hispanic, then obviously there is that obstacle for us. I don’t think its that much of a problem for us anymore, I think people are actually starting to learn like “wow these dudes got beats and rhymes and you just got to give them respect.” I’m really feeling that this year. – Yeah because it seemed like for the past few years before that many people had basically labeled you “Chicano rap” when you guys were more on that grimy pure Hip-Hop vibe?

DJ FM Of Psycho Realm – Yeah, and not that we mind man because really we are all Latino, but I do hate being categorized period. If you got a Hip-Hop section throw us in there and that’s it, that’s all it should be, but what are you gonna do? I think we’ve done proved ourselves in the industry and we are beyond that point. I can’t really explain why it was there for a minute but I do know what you’re talking about.